Q & A

On This Page We Hope To Answer Some Of The Most Common Questions  

Q. How long will it take to do my oven clean

A. well its not an exact science but depending on the size of your oven it could take up to 4 hours to clean

Q. Do you remove the racks to clean them ?

A. yes all racks are removed and cleaned in a hot tank in the van

Q. Do you remove the fan and cover ?

A. Yes the fan and cover are cleaned in the hot tank.

Q. Do you clean my Hob pan stands. ?

A. yes they are also cleaned in the hot tank in the van.

Q. Can i get a discount ?

A. Our website has all the currant standard prices advertised, don't forget to check out our special offers page for the very best deals, if you are a letting agency or estate agents and you are booking more than one job a week, we offer thirty or sixty day invoicing, please use our contact us form on our website for more information.

Q. do you clean all the glass in oven doors ?

A. yes we remove and clean the glass, on some ovens we might need to disassemble the door to clean all the glass.

Q. How many racks can I get cleaned ?

A. Two racks per oven are included in the price, extra racks and trays are charged at £5.00 each.
Q. Do you use any nasty chemicals when cleaning

A.  we do not use any chemicals that could be harmful to you or to your pets, however some customers say that they can detect a slight odor when we are cleaning.